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Clean Start 3-Day Home Retreat

Clean Start 3-Day Home Retreat

Take a well-earned break to re-set your ways in three days!  Allow yourself to truly indulge, relax and take time out for your own self-care.  This guided home retreat is a cleansing programme for body, mind and spirit.  You receive a three day menu of cleansing, rejuvenating dishes and refreshments.  Your daily menu consists of Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Meals as well as snacks and drinks, all wholesome, all delicious! Your eBook has all the recipes and complete shopping list for the three days so that you have everything you need before you start your home retreat. 

Gentle daily activities, journalling and soothing bath-time rituals will ease your body and mind to focus on caring for yourself.

Choose a weekend or mid-week break from your busy schedule to relax, recover and fully immerse yourself on being well and healthy in body and mind.

I loved creating this Clean Start programme and thoroughly explored the ways anyone can self-care in a meaningful way without leaving home.  Devoting this time for yourself is the perfect antidote to all the noise and chaos in the world today.  Go on.. make a date with yourself and indulge in a Clean Start.

  • Digital Download

    Your Clean Start eBook is in PDF file format for you to download and keep forever! 

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